Our aim in renewable energy is to facilitate and ensure that polymer solar cells can become a successful and well known solar cell technology. Buildcor solar cells have a wide range of potential uses and applications from building integration, to gadgets. At these application pages we aim to showcase a multitude of applications for which organic solar cells are uniquely suited. The applications shown are either created by ourselves or showcases how our customers have implemented our solar cell products into unique applications.
We specialize in the production and installation of OPV solar system. We also provide consultation and customization for special needs of application. Ranging from small to large scale work, our low cost material enables specific customization to fit all scale sizes of interest. In Buildcor, we provide the latest and highest quality of solar technology to our clients. With the help of our dedicated partners, we constantly research and innovate without fear to be the game changer in the solar industry. Our work is never complete, we always strive for perfection to meet the needs of every requirement. Join us to be part of an eco friendly movement by converting your home or workplace to a renewable energy system.
Buildcor's prelude into the 3rd generation PV solar cell using organic materials to harvest energy from light. Reasons to choose 3rd generation solar power * Faster implementation that uses roll to roll processing * More cost effective using minimal material consumption * Safer with no toxic or harmful materials * Thin cells flexible for design * Better aesthetic with semi transparent or custom colors.
Organic solar cells have the advantage to be fully solution processable using printing and coating methods. The processing has been shown in labs on a variety of different substrates other than rigid glass, such as plastic foil (PET, PEN, barrier) or metal foil. The fastest fabrication can be achieved using full roll-to-roll (R2R) processes in a machine.

Building integration


Building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) is a key example of an application of solar cells. Increasingly conventional solar cells are being incorporated into the construction of new buildings as a source of electrical power and existing buildings are retrofitted with solar cell technology.

Polymer solar cells are uniquely advantageous for building integration. Their low weight ensures that buildings retrofitted with the technology are only insignificantly burdened. Striking solar cell designs and colors allows a unique freedom for architects who can freely envision curves and contours which the polymer solar cells can easily accommodate.

Polymer solar cells are also semi transparent and can provide shades as it doesn't completely block the sunlight and can function as aesthetic on building facades.


Power generation


Power generation is the point of solar cells and with these application we wish to demonstrate examples of organic solar cells being used for larger scale power generation while the key benefits of organic solar cells are preserved (read: flexibility, lightness, etc.).


Advancement of OPV


Other applications for OPV can be applied for Ministry of Defense, Residentia,l Commercial, Consumer Electronics, Electric Vehicles, Public Amenities, Disaster Relieve, Aerospace, Solar Farm, Power line infrastructure, Electric Vehicles charging station

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